Premium Member Perks

The content of the Premium membership is mainly divided into four parts:

The first part relates to the periodic updates and discussions around the concept of momentum analysis of US stocks.

Livermore said:

If you cannot make money out of the leading active issues, you are not going to make money out of the stock market as a whole”.

The core of momentum analysis is to find the driving force in the market and identify the market leaders.

This part of the content will be uploaded every weekend. If other events arise which I find noteworthy on weekdays and I am unable to record a video, I will post in the member community.


The second part is the sharing of reference stock watchlists and tips on how to analyze individual stock performance.

I am sharing two sample stock watchlists with everyone. One is the TopCo, which consists of monopolies or unicorns in various industries, which include companies that I believe have exclusive economic advantages. The other is the Profitable Growth, which consists of financially healthy, cash flow-rich and high-growth companies.

These two watchlists were established based on the concept of “listening to the wind and recognizing the birds”; these two watchlists will be the focus of our discussions and are provided solely to facilitate those discussions. They should not be construed as recommendations or as investment advice.

The stocks in these two watchlists will be updated and tracked periodically, and if I feel that there are any changes worth paying attention to, I will share my thoughts with everyone in a timely manner. All of the information and analysis will be based on publicly available and historical data, and I do not recommend or endorse any specific stock that may be referenced in the watchlists. All of the analysis being shared are based on my personal opinions and should not be relied upon as financial advice.

This part of the content will be more random, and I will share it with everyone using videos or text based on time sensitive conditions. The text content will be placed in the member community.


The third part is to facilitate discussion and learning through the sharing of a sample data-based stock selection model and track its investment experiments using one of my real accounts, sharing the process with everyone. As with the watchlists, this stock selection is provided solely to facilitate discussions. It should not be construed as a recommendation or as investment advice.

This stock selection model uses the publicly available EQS stock screener from Bloomberg Terminal, setting conditions and calculating the results. The model’s past 22 years of historical back-testing data is as follows:

There is a detailed introduction on how to replicate the specific parameter settings of the model so you can access and obtain the same dataset as shown above. Check it out if interested.

The model is set to rebalance on the third Friday of every month, so in the premium member program on the third weekend of each month, I will share the model’s adjustment with everyone and also provide my analysis. At the same time, I will also share my thoughts and holdings. As this is one of my actual accounts I note that I own all of the stocks set out in the stock selection.

Please be clear that I am not an investment adviser or a CPA, and I am doing these contents solely for the purpose of data research and not as an investment recommendation. 

All of the information contained in the content are my personal opinions and should not be relied upon as personal financial or investment advice. The data and analysis relating to the stock selection model are based on my personal investment portfolio, and are not intended to be a solicitation of the purchase or sale of any securities.

Further, I cannot guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, usefulness, or reliability of the data being generated or pulled from Bloomberg EQS. As this data is publicly available, you should verify the data if you wish to use the data in making your own financial decisions. Past results of any individual trader or trading system published by us are not indicative of future returns which may be realized. The methods, techniques, information, content, strategies, and all other content are provided for informational and educational purposes only and you should not rely on any information I provide in making any investment.


The fourth part is our YouTube member community.

As usual, there is a member interaction Q&A every weekend where you can ask questions and I will answer.

The YouTube community is the only way for me to communicate with everyone, and some information that is more timely in nature will be placed in the community if I am unable to record a video. Please be sure to turn on the notification bell for the subscribed channel to avoid missing important information.

In short, I hope my efforts will be educational and will give you more inspiration and help.

December 30, 2022